Compare the Candidates: Issue #1 Indian Canyon Drive Closure Solutions: Civil Rights Attorney SCOTT MYER is the Only Candidate that Has a Practical Solution, Unlike the Other Candidates’ Pie-In-The-Sky Solutions

All of us want to fix the Indian Canyon Drive and Vista Chino Road Weather Closures. But, how we would do so differs vastly in method, practicality and reality:

  • Grace Garner wants to plant Desert Plants to block the wind.
  • Les Young wants to dig Subterranean Underground Roadway Tunnels under the river wash to drive through.
  • Michael Shogren’s solution is not known.
  • Only Civil Rights Attorney SCOTT MYER has a realistic solution, seeking Federal and State assistance to build a bridge over the river and designating Indian Canyon Drive to 111 Alternate to promote such outside governmental funding.

Grace Garner’s Solution: Planting Desert Plants to block the wind. “…Are there Desert Plants that can be put there to block the wind?” (Source: NBC Palm Springs Claudia Bermudez segment ). Not sure how this could solve either the flooding or wind closures. Further, does she know that it is not only sand and wind, but water, that closes these highways?

Upon hearing this, Les Young said effectively “Hold my beer.” Les Young’s solution to the Indian Canyon Drive closures is: (drumroll) Building a massively expensive roadway tunnel under the Whitewater Riverbed, like they have for roadways in New York, New York. Did he really suggest that? Yes, that’s what he said. “One candidate [Les Young] proposed a subterranean tunnel to deal with road closures,…” “…, Young also spoke about living in Manhattan, where many streets traverse the city below ground-level. To prevent the kind of road closures Indian Canyon and Vista Chino face during floods and sandstorms, Young said, as council member, he would consider creative solutions like a subterranean tunnel.” (Source: Desert Sun article ). Imagine not only the humongous expense and taxes required for these subterranean tunnels, but the utter environmental catastrophe from building such tunnels in the environmentally sensitive area. Why not just build a vastly less expensive bridge instead?

Michael Shogren’s proposed solution, if any, is not known.

My (Civil Rights Attorney SCOTT MYER’s) solution: Working with the State and Federal Government to find funding to build the bridge over the Riverbed. Further, requesting that Indian Canyon Drive be designated State Highway 111 Alternate, in light of the fact that Highway 111 did close during the flooding this year, and Indian Canyon Drive could be used as an alternate route, particularly if a bridge was built over it, potentially allowing additional outside governmental funding, other than merely the City. We have already paid money for highways, gas taxes and even an increase to gas taxes to repair the roads. This is a proper purpose for those funds we have already paid by way of taxes. We know what the solution is, it is some form of a bridge, now let’s just find the funding for it.