Compare the Candidates: Issue #2 International Tourism: Civil Rights Attorney SCOTT MYER is the Only Candidate with any New Ideas

Earlier we posted “Compare the Candidates: Issue #1 Indian Canyon Drive Closure Solutions: Civil Rights Attorney SCOTT MYER is the Only Candidate that Has a Practical Solution, Unlike the Other Candidates’ Pie-In-The-Sky Solutions.” If you missed that, you can find it here:

The following is the second in a series of posts comparing the Candidates, including myself, Scott Myer:

Promoting International Tourism Through Sister Cities

Tourism is the growth engine for Palm Springs, not only the downtown area, but also the entire City of Palm Springs. Tourism keeps Palm Springs strong, it keeps the local economy growing and importantly it enlarges the tax base, lessening the need to raise taxes on us local residents.

At the June 5, 2019 City Council meeting, I (Scott Myer) spoke on the need for increasing international tourism in Palm Springs for the benefit of the entire City; I suggested that the City participate in the Sister City Program and adopt a Sister City, noting that even the cities of Temecula and Palm Desert participate in the Sister City Program.

Interestingly, Palm Desert and Temecula each have two Sister Cities, but Palm Springs has zero. That was very surprising to me when I learned this fact. If elected, I intend to change this by introducing a resolution to participate in the Sister City Program and develop relationships with at least two international cities around the World. These Sister City relationships will bring additional exposure of the Palm Springs brand to the international market, expand international tourism, which will undoubtedly bring in additional tourists to Palm Springs, resulting in additional expenditures at local hotels, restaurants and businesses, keeping Palm Springs economically strong.

My opponents have not mentioned any new ideas to develop further tourism, particularly not international tourism.

Cast your vote for Scott Myer (Civil Rights Attorney) for New Ideas, including developing Sister City Relationships to boost Palm Springs International Tourism.