Compare the Candidates: Issue #3 City Taxation: Civil Rights Attorney Scott Myer is the Only Candidate Who Has Pledged NOT to Raise Your Taxes

The following is the third in this series of emails comparing the Candidates, including myself, Scott Myer:

City Taxation: Scott Myer is the ONLY Candidate Pledging NOT to Raise Your Taxes

Palm Springs currently has the HIGHEST Sales Tax Rate ANYWHERE in Riverside County.

  • Palm Springs 9.25%
  • Cathedral City 8.75%
  • Palm Desert 7.75%
  • Rancho Mirage 7.75%
  • Cabazon 7.75%
  • Banning 7.75%
  • Beaumont 7.75%
  • Moreno Valley 7.75%

Palm Spring’s rate is almost as high as “Big City” Los Angeles (9.50%). We are not supposed to have “Big City” problems in Palm Springs. Some of us moved away from the “Big City” to avoid “Big City” problems.

It is not uncommon for Palm Springs residents to drive to Palm Desert or Rancho Mirage to make big purchases to save on sales tax, costing not only the City valuable tax revenue, but costing local businesses and the Palm Springs economy, as well.

Rumor has it that some of your current Palm Springs City Council Members want to raise your Sales Tax AGAIN, either through an addition to the City portion of the tax or through supporting an increase in the County of Riverside portion of the tax.

I (Scott Myer) am the ONLY Candidate pledging to NOT raise your taxes. I placed my pledge (“No further tax increases in Palm Springs or Riverside County”) within my Candidate Statement in the Voter Guide. No other candidate has made a similar pledge. Likely because they are all “tax and spenders.”

Cast your vote for Scott Myer (Civil Rights Attorney) to Prevent a Further Tax Increase in Palm Springs.